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16 years, over 1,500 events in Estonia and abroad

We are one of the oldest event marketing agencies in Estonia.


that’s us! 
Internal communication, launches, client events, conferences and incentives



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  • Tiina Kaldma

Tiina Kaldma
Project Manager

+372 5663 6972

Tiina pulls the strings behind the stage and considers the result and happy faces at events to be the best motivating force. Tiina enjoys the process of the original idea turning into a polished event with technical planning, inspiring the client as well as our team. Tiina is a big fan of sports, follows nearly all sports broadcasts and gets her adrenaline fix by serving as the navigator in a rally car as well as by riding a motorbike herself. She creates beauty by setting up fireworks in the sky.

  • Anne-Ly Ridal

Anne-Ly Ridal
Project Manager

+372 5258 839

Anne-Ly does things that Olavi and Virgo aren’t always good at. She’s the one to form connections, sells and maintains projects. If there are any challenges that call for cast-iron nerves and sorting out every last detail then Anne-Ly will do that with no effort at all, having been involved in the team of WOW Events since 2002. Anne-Ly is a true lady whose passion is classical music and who can easily manage singing operetta arias as well as organizing large events.

  • Miko Luha

Miko Luha

+372 5384 3936

Miko’s creativity, spark and the ease of taking on challenges turns providing solutions for projects into pure joy for the whole team as well as the client. Miko is an expert on everything – he can connect all wires and loves technological gadgets – his own solutions as well as those created by others. And lack of routine is something Miko enjoys the most – being ready for surprises and finding solutions. And if a part is missing then Miko will simply 3D-print it. Miko is also an inventor whose creations include pedal-power phone chargers as well as a trash cleaner for the oceans.

  • Olavi Ruhno

Olavi Ruhno
CEO / Partner

+372 5057 756

Olavi Ruhno is the company’s founder, CEO, the one who brought it through the recession and a well-known face on the Estonian market. When Olavi is not in the office, he’s teaching students at Tallinn University. Olavi has a large family at home, meaning that there are no standard situations and his whole life is like a field trip all the time. Olavi recharges his batteries by discovering new places on motorbike or playing the guitar just for fun. The team of WOW Events has also caught the music bug and so we’ve taken part in the Corporate Bands competition, where we received the Audience Special Award, Best Lead Singer as well as Best Marketed Band awards.

  • Marilyn Uusna

Marilyn Uusna

+372 5354 4532

Marilyn has a lively nature and she directs her energy into smooth organization of the agency’s events. Her experiences include the organization of international equestrian competitions but she handles people just as well as horses. Her wide range of experiences and things picked up from many travels make her a shining individual whose lead makes all tricks that the agency comes up with turn out smoothly. Should the singer bail out of an event, Marilyn can stand in there as well – as a confident singer, she can convince everyone that this was the plan all along.

  • Regina Laanetu

Regina Laanetu
Creative Manager

+372 5690 9577

For Regina, citizen of the Universe, WOW Events is like the playcorner of all arts where she can bring her endless fantasy and practical skills together. Regina is like a heroine from a movie where she herself is the director, make-up artist, lead actress and stuntwoman. Like in a movie, Regina has a million magic skills and experience that even Spielberg might envy. And she knows how to utilize all her skills for a good event. But should a skill prove lacking or simply feel fascinating, Regina will undertake it in depth – at some prestigious university, no less. When Regina isn’t currently creating new worlds, she can be found walking with her earphones on. She’ll either be going through yet another audiobook or digging for inspiration for a new painting.

  • Virgo Jaani

Virgo Jaani
Creative Manager / Partner

+372 5044 561

Virgo Jaani is the company’s founder and creative manager and when he’s not currently in the office, he’s managing his self-created portals,, and ... In a word, he’s a creative person who’ll give you ten ideas per minute when talking to him and you can only hope for enough time and opportunities to bring them all to fruition.

  • Erkki Šanin

Erkki Šanin
Photo booth and other special projects

+372 5332 5712

When special things happen, Erkki is always there. All these beautiful photos of beautiful people at events are taken in Erkki’s photo booth. In addition, Erkki’s firm hand can be seen in various projects of WOW Events which need a man who’s good at a thousand different things. Erkki’s job is his hobby, fulfilment and lifestyle where his good communication and people skills are utilized well.

We do what we do best

We create events

Internal communication
We shape employees into a team

Team building exercises, summer days, winter days, Christmas parties and seminars. Everything you need to motivate your people to work even better and bring teams together

Bring a spark to your eyes

You provide the goal and content, we provide the concept, the right venue, technical solutions, performers and everything else that might be needed.

When you want to praise your people

Serious work, seminars or conferences can be spiced up by fun activities you do together outside the seminar room. Whether a bit of thrill or new and exciting knowledge. The experience will be remembered.

Working solutions

We will help with the idea, creative solution and technical support. You have a new product or service, we will come up with a matching event that will introduce it to clients quickly.

Client events
Take part of an event yourself

Corporate birthdays, opening new facilities, thank-you events for customers – everything that takes your time and money to organize. We help spend them both less.

We will help you with anything at all

We will help with event supervision and support, we will help with technical issues (we offer specialists of audio, video and light production). No question will be unanswered.

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